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A full photo production service for catalog, commercial, fashion in Mexico specialized in Tulum, Yucatan, Los Cabos
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14 years of experience in photoshoot and video projects

Fabrice Gilbert Productions is a visionary and passionate team with more than a decade of experience producing Photography & Video projects for fashion, music and commercial purposes: photoshoots, movies, …

Their list of accolades includes collaboration with major music and publicity agencies, partnerships with world-renowned brands and magazines, executive production of dozen of films, including two having been awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, and a wide range of prestigious cultural events in numerous countries, including Mexico, Cuba, and France.

General inquiries: info@fabricegilbert.com

Commercial aspects: sales@fabricegilbert.com

Specific needs: fabrice@fabricegilbert.com

Mexico: +52 1 (984) 114 32 08

France: +33 6 70 66 16 97


Looking for the perfect location for a commercial photoshoot?… Need a beautiful background for a fashion or music video?… Check our best locations ideas for your Video & Photography production

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Debout Kinshasa 5, photo Stephane Sartorius

Debout Kinshasa ! Directed by Sebastien Maitre Produced by La Ruche Productions Shooted in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo in November 2015 Production Manager       


For Yucatan Productions / Casting, Prop, Scouting


Madame Directed by Cyprien Vial Produced by « Dharamsala » With Nicole Garcia, Johan Libéreau Production Manager